Welcome to the Meifod Valley Alpacas shop.

To ensure we use the fleeces to the best that they can offer, we weave scarves & shawls, crochet hats, make wet felt products and sell the raw and carded fleeces. If you would like something making or to purchase some fleece, please contact Helen on 07803505822.


All our scarves & shawls are hand woven on our rigid heddle loom with 100% alpaca yarn

Cream & grey striped scarf £70

Cream, beige & blue shawl £90

Striped grey scarf £70

Random orange, green & purple scarf £60

Seasonal products

Christmas hoop decorations. Variety of colours available with small wooden alpaca insert. Pack of 4 £10


The raw fibres and processed fibres are all from our own herd. Take a look at our Herd page to see the colours of our alpacas.

Raw washed fleece
The raw fleece has been picked (98% reduction in vegetation), washed and dried. Each bag contains 300g of alpaca fibre ranging from super soft to coarse. (Brandy’s fleece is pictured below).

Carded Fibre
The fleece has been picked, washed and dried then run through the carding machine to direct the fibres. All the fleeces are from our herd and range from super soft to coarse. Each box contains 70g of carded fleece.

There has been a lot of discussions about alpaca sheering. Alpacas MUST be sheered every year to stop them over heating in the summer months. Imagine wearing a thick winter coat in the heat of the summer. Heat exhaustion and heat stroke is both a danger in humans as well as Alpacas. So as not to waste their beautiful soft fleece, we process it to make products we can all enjoy. The alpacas are not harmed at all during sheering but they don’t enjoy the experience. Most of our herd accepted the sheering process but one or two didn’t. This is down to their own personalities and abilities to cope with something different happening to them. We take great care to supervise this process and use an experienced sheerer. The average time it takes to sheer an alpaca is 3 minutes. The rest of the year they are free to roam our paddocks and are only brought into the shelter for vaccinations, toenail clipping and mineral and vitamin drenching; all part of caring for alpacas. The shelter is left open for them to wander in and out of as they please. You’ll find them huddled in their on hot and rainy days.