Alongside our shop of products to sell, we also offer commissioned weaves.

Scarves & Shawls

Each scarf & shawl is hand woven on our rigid heddle loom. Just let us know what colours & pattern you would like and when you’d like it for (e.g. birthday or Christmas gift).

  • Scarves are £70
  • Shawls are £90


Do you have alpacas yourself and would like to have a rug made for you from their fleece? To make an alpaca rug requires several steps. To help keep the costs down for you we offer two options:

  1. Send us your washed fleece and we will card it, make roving and weave your rug. £150
  2. Send us your washed & carded fleece and we will make roving and weave your rug for you. £100

Each rug is unique and can be a plain colour or mixed. The rugs are 125cm long by 60cm wide. You let us know what you would like, and we will make it for you. To order a rug, please contact Graham on 07969601197


We offer a selection of vouchers for the following:

  • £10pp Meet & Greet the alpacas
  • £10 off a workshop
  • £20 off a workshop
  • £35 Husbandry Half Day
  • Christmas & Birthday gift vouchers (call to discuss options)