Welcome to our herd of Alpacas. Our herd is registered with the British Alpaca Society and all microchipped. I’d like to introduce you to our herd and tell you a little bit about each alpacas:

As the matriarch of the herd, she likes to think she is boss but on sunny days she is the first to enjoy being sprinkled with the hose. Brandy is pregnant and due in July 2023.

She is timid and quiet and easily runs away but once held, she is patient and calm. She also has extremely long eyelashes.

Born in July 2019, she is very inquisitive and the first one to role in a fresh piece of dry soil. She has been mated for the first time this year and has ‘spat off’, so hopefully pregnant and due in July 2023.

Bottle fed from birth after being rejected from her mum, she is a few days younger than Kora, her best friend. They are inseparable. Kiwi has been mated for the first time and she also ‘spat off’ so hopefully she will also give birth in July 2023.

Born April 2020 to Honeysuckle, he is thriving well and now enjoys a paddock with our other boy, Apollo.

Apollo was born at the end of June 2020 to Brandy with no complications. He was just in the field one morning!


Rhea joined the herd as a 6 month old. She is very timid but is very playful. She is an all white alpaca and is pregnant with Aldo’s cria and due in June 2023.


The newest member to our growing herd, Brazen was born on 13 July 2021 to Honeysuckle. She loves to chase the chickens around the paddocks. She is a ‘Fancy’ as she is multicoloured.


Born to Kora in June 2022, Chester needed a helping hand to be born. He is doing very well now though. Underneath the brown exterior is a Rose Grey fleece.


Born to Kiwi in July 2022, Cadbury is a full brown with black legs. He loves to run around with Chester.


Born to Honeysuckle in July 2022, Clara is a fawn and white colour.

In 2023 we had 4 new cria:

3 females, Drizzle, Damson & Domino & 1 male called Dave.