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If you’d like to keep updated on our plans or see the latest pictures of our herd, you can like our facebook pages:

Meifod Valley Alpacas : We take regular pictures and add updates about our herd.

Escape to Wales : This page gives you the opportunity to see what we are doing to create our dream home and business in Wales. You can follow our progress and we build and grow.


To enhance our skills with creating products to sell from our girls, training for the humans as well as the alpacas is underway.

Part of our ambition is to create scarfs, hats, rugs etc made from our own alpaca’s fleeces. To get us started though, we needed some training of our own. I hope you like this grey window pane patterned scarf made from 100% pure alpaca fibre.

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2021 – Practical Events

In 2021 we will be running additional practical days such as:

Sheering Day: Come and spend as much time with us as you like on sheering day. This is limited to 6 people who will be hands on herding the alpacas ready for sheering, packing the fleece into bags and loading the fibre drum to clear the dirt and dust off the fleece. Come rain or shine, the alpacas will be sheered in their shelter and the fleeces moved to the barn or outside (weather permitting) for the drum. £30 for the day per person – over 12 year olds only.

Fibre to yarn workshops: The fibre from the alpacas needs to be sorted, washed, carded (combed) and made into roving ready for spinning. Come and learn how this is done by having a go. The workshops are 1.5hrs long and you get to make the roving ready for the spinner. It is a practical day so be ready to get very hands on. £25 per person – over 12 years old only.