Meifod Valley Alpacas is located at Maesnewydd, Meifod.

We have courses in the barn and activities with the herd.

(Please take a look at the Rules and Regulations regarding child behaviour around the alpacas at the bottom of this page).

Basic Introduction: A 1 hour talk including handling and feeding the alpacas. £10 per person.

Cria Half Days: (1pm – 4pm) Come and visit the cria (baby alpacas) and have the opportunity to handle a baby alpaca, help with their weigh days and a talk about their needs (available May – September each year). £35 per person – children under 12 £10.

Husbandry Half Day: (2-3hrs) Come and handle the alpacas as though they were your own herd. We talk you through their dietary requirements, clip their toenails, feed them, learn how to put a harness on them and take them for a walk around our land. £35 per person.

“Paca Lunch”: Bring along a packed lunch and sit either on our bench or on a rug alongside our alpacas. You can enjoy your lunch whilst watching these amazing creatures eat their lunch too as they graze beside you. We place hay and feed near the bench so they will come closer to you. This is a great experience for the whole family. £20 for a family of 4. (The bench is cleaned thoroughly before you arrive).

To book any of the above, please call 07803505822.

If you are staying in our cottage or at Vyrnwy Valley Lodges, you can claim a 10% discount off all activities.


2023 & 2024– Practical & Relaxation Events

In 2023 we will be running additional practical days such as:

Shearing Day (TBC for 2024): Come and spend as much time with us as you like on shearing day. This is limited to 6 people who will be hands on herding the alpacas ready for shearing, packing the fleece into bags and loading the fibre drum to clear the dirt and dust off the fleece. Come rain or shine, the alpacas will be sheared in their shelter and the fleeces moved to the barn or outside (weather permitting) for the drum. £30 for the day per person – adults only.

Yoga Retreats: With a qualified Yoga instructor on hand, come and feel at one with nature, enjoy the majestic movements of the alpacas and relax into the yoga.

In 2024 we will be offering further accommodation with “hobbit” styles home being constructed in 2023. These underground holiday homes will be off grid living with a wood burning oven to cook & heat the home plus on site hot water. More details will follow in the accommodation section of the website as the development commences.

Rules and Regulations:

We restrict the age of some of our experiences for different reasons. Small children running around does upset the alpacas as they are naturally flight animals, so for the safety of your children, we ask for the child’s age before attending. Please ensure your children are sensibly behaved otherwise we reserve the right to remove them from the activity with no refund provided. Young children are permitted to participate but only when accompanied with a responsible adult and with prior notification that a younger child will be present (we can then remove any upset animals into another paddock prior to your arrival). Some of the experiences are for adults only. This is due to us deeming the activity is not suitable for children.

We ask each paying person to complete a health and safety form before taking part in any talks, walks or workshops.