If you’d like to keep updated on our plans or see the latest pictures of our herd, you can like our facebook pages:

Meifod Valley Alpacas : We take regular pictures and add updates about our herd.

Escape to Wales : This page gives you the opportunity to see what we are doing to create our dream home and business in Wales. You can follow our progress and we build and grow.

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  1. Hi Helen, I got in touch last week regarding a two day upholstery workshop on Monday and Tuesday when I don’t work. Maybe January when your driveway is done…? Very keen to participate, and very happy to pay a deposit now to secure a place please. Regards,

    1. Hi Jan,
      I noticed you haven’t read the message I sent via facebook, but not to worry, I have made a note of your interest in a Mon & Tue workshop. Unfortunately the contractor for the driveway isn’t looking likely to complete the work until the end of Jan, so the first workshop is going to be in Feb. I will be advertising more as we approach the summer and definitely running more in the autumn and winter. I will swap days for the next set of workshops so they aren’t all on Tue & Wed.

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