Welcome to Meifod Valley Alpacas


An experience you’ll never forget

A small herd within our 1.6 acre field at Maesnewydd, Meifod is available for visiting guests to enjoy through a variety of activities with the alpacas. We also have an additional 11 acres for them to graze. The alpacas you see at Maesnewydd is only part of our growing herd.

Originating from South America, Alpaca’s and LLama’s are part of the camelid family and in the UK they are classed as pets. Bred for farming in South America, they have been used for their fibre and their meat, however in the UK they are generally bred as pets, for their fibre or as support animals for wellbeing with activities such as nature walking.

Here at Meifod Valley Alpacas we breed our girls for their fleece and for animal therapy purposes.

The fibre from their fleece can be turned into yarn to make a variety of products such as gloves, scarfs, blankets, socks etc. Alpaca fibre has very little lanolin (Sebum) so is classified as hypoallergenic. Please visit our Shop to see what we’ve made.

We have activities you can do with the alpacas and workshops in our barn. We have a newsletter and a facebook page which keeps you up to date including when the latest cria are born. If you would like to receive the newsletter, please let us know your email address.